SAN ANTONIO – Omega Church's parking lot turned into a drive-through assembly line of sorts Saturday afternoon.

Volunteers were handing out 400 Thanksgiving Dinner packages to families in need.

"We figured anything we could do to bless the community we want to take the opportunity to do that," said associate pastor Trey New.

New's team partnered with Steve Poteet and Kenneth Copeland Ministries out of Fort Worth to provide the dinners.

"If you read the bible it says it's a family, you're part of the family and we think it's important that we reach out to people and show them that we care about their family and they're part of our family," Poteet said.

They weren't just giving away turkeys and sides either. Each family got boxed and canned goods that will last them at least a week.

"I don't think there's any better thing that you can do than to serve other people and help other people that are in need," Poteet said.

Omega Church also held a service for the families this morning. Pastor New hopes they left the service feeling cared for.

"I want them to take away from here that hey, they're not forgotten. That God cares for them and God has people that wants to care for them and serve them," New said.