Gone are the days of forgetting passwords! Some 2 million USAA members are now using fingerprint, facial, and voice recognition to access account information.

The company is one of the first institutions on board with biometric technology.

"My identity is secure because my voice is my passport… verify me."

Richard Davey is the lead security adviser at the San Antonio-based financial giant.

"We have 5 million members using the app today, and 2 million members have already embraced our biometric offerings," Davey said.

He said the technology is far more secure than typing in a password of letters and numbers.

"We have yet to see an instance of fraud." Davey said.

A spokesperson for the company said these features provide an extra layer of security, making it harder for hackers to access accounts.

Setting up your fingerprint, face scan, or voice recognition is the first step, the app then remembers your preferred digital method of logging in.

It's as easy as taking a selfie.

But can it be hacked?

"It's possible," Davey said. "But in addition to being able to compromise your fingerprint, I would also need access to your mobile device... the complexity increases greatly,"

In case some of these new options might be too tech-savvy for you, you can still log in the usual way. As more companies try to make it easy to keep your personal life secure.