It's been one century since the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps started helping injured soldiers on the front lines.

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, a demonstration was held at Ft. Sam Houston on Friday. Sgt. First Class Ashley Gilbert was on the ground during the simulation.

"This is intense," she said. "But it's way more intense when you're actually dealing with live patients."

The demonstration showcased a simulated attack on military members, featuring a medevac helicopter aiding the wounded. The U.S. Army Medical Service Corps provides medical assistance to soldiers and their families, plus civilians in emergency situations.

"Helping a patient and getting them on the aircraft is vital to the sustainment of our war-fighters," Sgt. Gilbert said.

Chief Warrant Officer Christopher Jeurissen was the medevac pilot in the demonstration. He said that it's important for everyone to see what they do every day.

"There's no particular element that is more important than the rest," he said. "Without one of the links in the chain, you can't work together."

Both Jeurissen and Gilbert said that they are proud to be a part of a service that's now been around for more than a century.