The Mega Millions game is getting a makeover that includes larger starting jackpots and better chances of winning a big prize.

The changes roll out on October 28. The redesigned Mega Millions will include faster rolls, bigger starting jackpots and better odds on the $1 million second-tier prize.

“This redesign will keep the game fresh and entertaining for players and position us to continue to generate revenue for Texas education,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery.

The Texas Lottery said in a press release starting jackpots will more than double from their current $15 million to $40 million and the ticket price will increase from $1 to $2 per day.

The new game will also feature a new optional $3 wager. In the redesigned game, players will select five numbers from one to 70, and one Mega Ball number from one to 25. Players will have a one in 24 overall chance of winning a prize, according to the press release.