A Kerrville-area elementary and middle school shut its doors Tuesday after a case of influenza took over, affecting nearly one-third of the students.

More than 50 of Hunt School's 169 students were out with the virus, according to Dr. Crystal Dockery, Superintendent for Hunt ISD. Of the 30 staff members at the school, Dockery said five were out sick.

When seven more students were sent home after the morning bell, Dockery said she reached out to a pediatrician who recommended she close operations at the school.

Dockery said they will focus on disinfecting the entire school Tuesday. A third party company has been contracted to clean all of the school's HVAC units, in case any germs were lingering inside.

The school will remain closed until Thursday, but Dockery was asking that parents hold any infected children out for another 48 hours once their symptoms have ended to be certain the virus has cleared.

Hunt School serves Pre-K to 8th-grade students, said Dockery.

Dockery said this is the first time she has ever had to close a school. She said it won't affect the rest of the year, and they won't have to make the days up.