Its official, March Madness has begun and a few teams are already eliminated.

It's that time of the year when there are suddenly millions of college basketball fans.

Sixty-four teams will play over the next 18 days. But in the end there will be just one champion.

At the Big Red Dog, an engineering company on the city's northwest side, they're sort of basketball fans. Unlike many offices they encourage employees to watch.

But if your office manager is a little more rigid, the NCAA March Madness live stream has your solution. Its called the boss button. You just click it when the boss shows up and it instantly takes your screen from game to something that looks really boring.

Warren Buffett wants everyone to have fun. He's got another $1 million bracket challenge this year. To win, all you have to do is correctly guess the outcome of all 32 first round games. The odds of winning? One in over four billion!

Winning the Powerball is easier. Fifteen times easier to be exact!

The odds of you picking solely the NCAA champion this year are a little better, at one in 64.