SAN ANTONIO – A man was sentenced to 30 years in prison after his 11th driving while intoxicated-related charge.

Since his first DWI arrest in March of 1982, Garcia has been convicted for DWI 10 other, according to a statement from District Attorney Nico LaHood.

On Monday, a Bexar County jury found 57-year-old San Juan Garcia guilty of DWI third or more, with a deadly weapon finding, in relation to a 2014 arrest. In January of 2014, Garcia was involved in an accident with a motorcycle sending the victim to the hospital with serious injuries. Garcia admitted to police to drinking “four to six beers.”

According to LaHood’s statement, Garcia told police the accident was the victim’s fault and also blamed the arresting officer, telling him he ruined his life. Toxicology reports later showed Garcia had a blood alcohol concentration of .21. That is more than two times the legal limit.

“Mr. Garcia showed a complete disregard for public safety when he chose to repeatedly get behind the wheel while he was intoxicated, LaHood said in the statement. “Make a plan ahead of time. Be responsible and don’t make a game-time decision.”

Because Garcia is a habitual offender, the punishable range for DWI third or more was enhanced to a minimum of 25 years with a maximum of 99 years, according to the statement. Garcia will have to serve 15 years in prison before he’s eligible for parole.