A man was charged with murder after police said he confronted two men in a park shooting and killed one of them.

The incident happened around 11:45 Monday night when police said the two men were in the Villa Coronado Park, near the Father Manuel Roman Center. Officials said the armed man approached the victims, looking for a man matching the description of one of them.

They started arguing and police said the man with a gun started firing, killing 23-year-old Gabriel Ybarra.

Police said the suspect then got into a fight with other man and his gun fell to the ground. The suspect then produced a second gun.

Police said they continued fighting until the other man dragged the suspect to a nearby home.

The suspect escaped to his home where he was arrested after police got an assault call.

The gunman is charged with murder. Police said they are investigating to see if this was a case of mistaken identity or if the armed was looking for the victim.