A man is facing charges after police say he sent a “hoax bomb” to the San Antonio Police Department.

Back on January 4, police say 48-year-old Ricardo Thomas Gil mailed a package addressed to Chief William McManus. The package was opened by SAPD Sergeant Valadez who found a pair of shoes and paper inside.

According to the arrest report, Sergeant Valadez could tell the shoes had been altered and the package felt heavy.

The bomb squad was notified and they x-rayed the package and determined it was safe. Under the shoes, they found several batteries wrapped in foil along with a printed email. The email reportedly said Gil had recently applied for a position with SAPD.

There was also a handwritten note to the chief that read, “Chief, place insoles in boots. If a person places boots on feet, one can feel the person or sense the person.”

Ricardo Thomas Gil is charged with manufacturing a hoax bomb with the intent of causing alarm or making someone believe it is an explosive. The charge is a class A misdemeanor.