A grandfather who was criminally indicted in the death of his own grandson was sentenced Monday to 60 years in federal prison.

Joel Soto, 52, has been in jail since November 2013 when he was arrested in the incident on a charge of injury to a child.

Police said Jeremy Soto was two-years-old when his grandfather's truck exploded. Soto initially told police his car was having trouble near the intersection of Mt. Evans and Rogers Road

But his charges were upgraded to murder in 2014 when police determined the truck exploded in an act of arson. In June, a jury convicted Soto of killing his grandson.

Officers believe Soto allowed the two-year-old to ingest illegal narcotics and prescription medication not prescribed to him.

Officers further believe that Soto started the fire to the truck and caused the explosion by igniting combustible material with an open flame.

Despite Soto's not guilty plea, the Judge sentenced him to 60 years on all four counts of Murder, Manslaughter, Injury to Child and Arson.