SAN ANTONIO-Lions, tigers and bears. Those are just a few of the animals you can find surrounding local artist Heather Gauthier at her at home studio.

“My paintings are special kind of a little special part of my personality,” artist, Heather Gauthier said.

Her animals although sitting for a portrait are wild and loud.

Each with their own modem and fun twist painted in.

“There's just so many combinations. I will never run out of material,” Gauthier said.

From the looks of her studio you can see there's no lack of creativity, and even a little humor.

“I'm such a visual person that I get lost in every painting,” Gauthier said. “For me it's an esthetic puzzle and it's interesting. It's always interesting to see how people respond.”

Gauthier has been painting since she was a child, mostly self-taught.

“There are so many things that I'm supremely bad at, but painting I've always been confident,” Gauthier said.

In 2013 this stay-at home mom took her hobby to the next level.

“I started painting as much as I could. I had one café show and it just exploded, and I've been painting ever since,” Gauthier said.

Her animal's inspiration from her time living abroad.

“My husband and I lived in South Africa for about three years, and I think it was just seeing the kind of animals they had there just out in the wild,” Gauthier said.

Some of her favorites to paint are also the most exotic.

“Tigers I love to paint tigers. Elephants, especially elephants and rhinos these animals that might be extinct in 30 years. That makes it important to me,” Gauthier said.

Her passions and personality, translated to canvas.

“I love to hear that when I looked at your painting it made me happy,” said Gauthier.

Its success one she never expected.

“It's not something that I planned for my life,” Gauthier said. “I mean it's really an artist's dream.”

For more information on Heather Gauthier's art visit her website.