SAN ANTONIO -- Spread it on a sandwich, or use it to enhance your meal.

One woman is creating gourmet mustards with a Texas twist, and it’s all made in San Antonio.

It all starts with mustard seeds.

“We are going to grind one cup of yellow and a half cup of brown," Deep River Specialty Foods owner Cheri White said.

"With mustard, you can either start with a mustard powder, or you can start with a mustard seed," White said.

Deep River Specialty Foods mustards, like their honey Sriracha, are based on the family recipes of owner Cheri White.

Deep River Specialty Foods creates quality mustards with a spicy twist.

"We started with our mustard base. We are going to add a variety of things,”White said.

In goes the honey, Sriracha and Worcestershire sauce.

The company cooks to 190 degrees and then packages the product in jars.

The family-owned company is pushing out nearly 100 jars a batch.

“It’s really quick and simple,” White said.

Simple, but something that adds a whole lot of flavor to any dish.

“We have so many varieties of mustard that fit every pallet," White said.

With 15 gourmet mustard varieties, as well as their award winning grilling sauces, you are bound to find a flavor you like.

“It kind of gives them a feel it’s not your standard mustard. It’s something that’s unique. You’re not going to go to the grocery store and find these," White said.