SAN ANTONIO- A woman with a sweet tooth is designing her own line of fiesta medals and adding a little Mexican flair.

Conchas, pink cake, and rainbow cookies.

Traditional Mexican sweetbreads are being downsized to fit around your neck.

"I just always love food themed items," Sweet Craft Jewelry, Owner, Nicole Gonzalez said.

When Nicole Gonzalez couldn't find 3-D food themed jewelry she decided to user her background in art and make it herself.

"I mean they are works of art and honestly, I just wanted to put that into my jewelry also," Garza said.

Much like the real thing, there's a process to making the sweet creations are made.

First Gonzalez presses out her clay to soften it up.

Using tiny tools, she cuts out the shapes of the bread.

She texturizes the sides to make it look more realistic.

"Everything is very detailed. I'm very picky about that," Gonzalez said.

To give it its baked look Gonzalez adds pastels.

"It's not needed but I just like how it makes it a little more realistic looking," Gonzalez said.

Then it's off to the toaster oven to bake.

Wait about ten minutes.

Then they're ready to be frosted.

"I have this custom made little icing that I make for the cakes," Gonzalez said.

Then one by one each cake is frosted, much like the real thing.

Until the miniature sweets are ready to be worn.

"I think people just relate to it. There's so much tradition that people just it brings out memories," Gonzalez said. “I just think it's awesome because people are embracing it."

However, it’s not just sweetbreads.

Gonzalez has 30 other designs that change with the seasons.

This time of year it's her fiesta medals that are the big sellers.

Especially her version of chicken on a stick.

"It's a really cool fun food to do during fiesta, and I love it. I love seeing everybody wear it and eat it at the same time," Gonzalez said.

This year there are five different varieties of medals.

The next time you need a little San Antonio flair, don’t pass up the opportunity to wear it.

Where to purchase:

•Lolita- 1712 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212

•The Fiesta Store- 2611 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209