SAN ANTONIO — A popsicle promising to include the freshest ingredients is making its Alamo City debut.

The day starts early at Steel City Pops.

“We bring in fresh produce, we bring in fresh dairy every day," Steel City Pops, Owner, Jim Watkins said.

Adding the simplest ingredients, then blending them all together.

"That is why we are working. We want people to have a fresh tasty treat that they can feel good about eating," Steel City Pops- San Antonio, General Manager, Ben Cleveland said.

From there the mix is poured into a mold, then flash frozen, before they are ready to be packaged and eaten.

The process may seem like a simple one. However, that very fact is what, Jim Watkins, owner of steel city pops says sets them apart from other.

"The handmade nature of what we're doing is very important were very conscientious about our ingredients we sourced locally whenever it's possible and so you can feel really good about this choice," Watkins said.

That’s what Watkins prides Steel City Pops on, but wasn’t always desert making for this businessman.

“I was turning 40 and I was looking for a change in career and so I always wanted a restaurant," Watkins said. "But I'm not like a really incredible cook, so I thought I could get my hands around something like this. I've always enjoyed making desserts."

Inspired by the traditional paleta but taking their own twist on ice cream.

“We don't do the same thing that Las Paletas does but they were really inspiring to me and so I just got in the kitchen and started making different recipes," Watkins said.

Now in their fifth year of business and opening their new spot in San Antonio.

You could say taking a risk and following a dream has paid off for this entrepreneur.

“So everything about it for me just really has been pure joy really I love what I do. So yes, I would say that that change was certainly a great choice for us," Watkins said.

Expect a culinary experience when trying the more than 100 variations of their pops.

“That's at the heart of why I do what I do just sharing the great food with new friends with old friends and just seen that response that they have to it is incredibly fulfilling,”