Take a step inside a modern day soda shop at the new Soda Fix.

"We have lived in Texas for seven years, and where we came from soda shops are kind of regular. And we just missed it and we really wanted to bring it to San Antonio because we really loved the concept,” Soda Fix, owner, Natasha Ireland said.

“Not going to lie it just sounds like heaven to me," Ireland said.

There are 15 different favorites each with a little San Antonio twist.

"We wanted to take a lot of things in San Antonio that we love. Things that we are familiar with and name our drinks after that by taking the drinks and adding things to them that are kind of life-changing,” Ireland said.

Or how about adding your own candy shot.

"I like all the drinks that are at soda fix,” customer, Hunter Fare said.

"It just kind of takes it up a notch with the kids. With the color and the candy," Ireland said.

Soda Fix opened six weeks ago and is already a neighborhood favorite.

"These are really popular out west and we love going to them when we are home on the west coast and the drinks are great,” customer, Nick Hopson said.

"I am a little bit addicted to soda, so having something that is custom made for me is really awesome as well. And the kids love coming because the employees know their names," customer, Krystal Fare said.

"We just wanted to have something that was really special and really unique here for San Antonio,” Ireland said. "A place like this really just brings families together and friends, so you get a lot of people in here just hanging out. I love that.”