The holiday season always brings fun festive desserts. In the Mexican culture, it’s bunuelos.

Most days you can find the owner of S.A. Bunuelo Company, Cynthia Rodriguez Stahl, standing over a deep fryer.

“Bunuelos have been a part of my family for many generations. I am fourth generation Tejana and my great-grandmother would make the traditional round bunuelos, and she would stretch them over her knee and I would hear these stories,” S.A. Bunuelo Co., owner, Cynthia Rodriguez Stahl said.

However, their bunuelos have taken on a different shape.

“My grandmother and my aunt wanted something a little less traditional a little bit more fun and this was back in the 50’s. So, my aunt found a rosette mold that a friend of hers was using,” Stahl said.

The rosettes, with a little bit of color, are becoming a new tradition in their household.

“I feel as if it is a blessing from my grandmother who is no longer with us because the business was born shortly after her passing,” Stahl said.

Now, a year into business, the rosettes are a booming business.

“It’s been challenging at times to try to reinvent the bunuelo for different seasons. We offer star shapes for Fourth of July, bunny rabbits for Easter, hearts shape for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day. And so far we have been very successful,” Stahl said.

However in keeping with tradition, during Posada or the Christmas season, Stahl will bring back the traditional round bunuelos.

"And then come a little past the Christmas season into the New Year, they are known to bring good luck,” Stahl said.

Breaking them apart and sharing around your table this holiday season.

“So everyone at your party or at your home can have a little piece of good luck,” Stahl said.

A piece of the Mexican tradition that is sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

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