SAN ANTONIO -- What started as a love for dogs and baking has turned into a thriving business for Alexis Quiroga.

"I started right after I graduated. I did a lot of research on dog nutrition," The owner and founder of PAWsitively Sweet Bakery Alexis Quiroga said.

PAWsitively Sweet Bakery was born out of that research.

It's a gourmet dog treat company

"Obviously, being very young, it's not easy. I'm still learning a lot," Quiroga said.

This young entrepreneur is coming up with creative recipes like "PB&J Sandwich," "Pot Pie," and of course "Texas BBQ."

Alexis Quiroga started PAWsitively Sweet Bakery, a gourmet dog treat company.

"They are flavors you just can't find at the store," Quiroga said.

They even offer a weekly bakery item you can find at the Pearl Farmers Market.

This week it's "pumpkin pop tarts."

"Everybody is in the 'pumpkin' mood so we have do the same thing for the dogs. We can't leave them out," Quiroga said.

Their treats are ones you could eat yourself.

"It's all humane grade, so it's like the same process as like making a cookie,” Quiroga said.

Quiroga said she buys only the best ingredients, rolling out her dough and filling her pop tarts by hand.

"We have no plans on stopping. We just keep on thinking about new products and new ways that we can make our doggie customers happy," Quiroga said.