MEDINA, TX-- In the 60’s and 70’s, Collins hand bags were one of the biggest trends in purses.

Now, one family is working to bring the Texas brand back to life.

The birth of Collins hand bags begins in the Texas Hill Country town of Medina.

“It started back in 1946 and a wonderful genius of imagination and with wonderful design training Enid Collins and Frederick Collins,”Collins of Texas, co-owner, Goli Parstabar said.

Enid Collins’ talent in art transferred into her designs.

“The designs are whimsical they are beautiful they are full of life and color,” Goli Parstabar said.

If you happen to find a Collins original, you’ll know it when you see it.

“They all have a special signature. They have wood bottoms, they are handmade, the art is silk screened here in Medina. Here today, we follow that tradition,” Goli Parstabar said.

Although the brand lost its momentum in the 70’s, their bags have lived on, transcending through generations.

“It’s safe to say that Collins was an original. It is a fact that Collins started these jeweled bags and incorporated onto wood and onto leather,” Goli Parstabar said.

These days, Collins bags are being made with a more modern face, but still keeping true to its style.

This is thanks in part to the company’s new owners, Sia and Goli Parstabar.

Sia leading the charge at their original factory in Medina, Texas.

“The artwork is kind of the centerpiece of our plans. Then the details of the craftsmanship. So everything we do that’s what guides us,” Collins of Texas, co-owner, Sia Parstabar said.

The Parstabars know Collins designs may not be for everyone.

So, they’ve launched a new collection of leather handbags, made in Italy, but all still rooted in Collins original design.

“Often people say Collins is diamond on the ruff. No, it is a diamond. It just needed a new setting,” Goli Parstabar said.

The vintage-inspired bags are ready for the next generation of fashionistas.

“It’s a piece of Americana. Bring it back and let people enjoy it,” Gloi Parstabar said.