NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - 5 Stones Artisan Brewery is casting its stone in the craft beer industry, and making a name for itself with creative brews.

Beer making started as a hobby for owner Seth Weatherly

"I really started drinking craft beer, and I quickly just became really interested in home brewing. It snowballed from there," Weatherly said.

His first brew, the Aloha Piña, was a hit with the public.

"I felt like we had something unique, something different and something people would give us a go on," Weatherly said.

In 2012, he decided to take a leap of faith and name the company 5 Stones.

"I just always kind of thought it was a true 'David and Goliath' story in business. Everyone knows that David picked up at least one stone and killed Goliath with it, but it was not common knowledge how many stones he picked up. I reread the scripture, and he picked up five. It was a good inspiring story to kind of put our anchor down with," Weatherly said.

In its nearly five years of operation, Five Stones has created more than 30 different brews only made with the freshest ingredients.

"I believe we are created to create, and I believe this is that avenue. It's fun to share your creations with people, and it's really enjoyable when they dig what you are doing," Weatherly said.

The inspiration behind each beer comes from everyday events, or ingredients that strike a memory.

Take for instance "Toby G's," which is a tribute beer made in honor of Weatherly's late father.

"My dad passed away in 2009, and so he never really experienced any of this outside of just having a beer with me. He used to make these pecan pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas. As we were launching 5 Stones, I always wanted to do a beer kind of in tribute to him,” Weatherly said. "Ours has kind of a special spot in my heart because I just kind of tried to follow what he did with the pie."

Weatherly said the business aims to help people share a pour and make their own memories.

"Beer is a communal experience, especially in craft,” Weatherly said. "If it doesn't strike a memory, we hope they make a memory with it."