SAN ANTONIO-- C.H. Guenther and Son Inc. are one of the biggest producer of flour products and it’s housed right here in San Antonio.

They’re most well known for their Pioneer baking products that have become a household name.

C.H. Guenther and son has been in San Antonio for over 150 years.

Their Pioneer flour mill has been a landmark you can’t miss when driving through San Antonio.

“The company itself we are the oldest continuously owned and operated flour mill in the United States that is still owned and operated by the same family,” C.H. Guenther and Son Inc., Director, Donna Vaugh said.

Carl Hilmar Guenther knew the benefits river could give his flour mill so he moved his operation in the heart of San Antonio back in 1851.

The mill still operating as it did so many years ago.

“Each day pioneer flour mills producers 450,000 pounds of flour. We mill our own flour here in San Antonio and the flour is used to produce a variety of other biscuit baking mixes and gravies all under the Pioneer brand,” Vaughn said.

Pioneer known best for their convince and pre-mixed foods such as their biscuit mixes.

“One of the products that we are producing today is our pioneer biscuit and baking mix. That particular mix was created by a family member. It began production in 1948. We’ve been producing that product. Same formula for 67 years,” Vaughn said.

Another staple in homes today is their gravies.

The recipe is closed to the public, but we got a look at the packing process.

“This particular line is a fast moving line. It will produce 124,000 pouches per day,” Vaughn said.

There’s a reason why they are pushing so many out per day.

“Pioneers white country gravy is now the number one gravy mix in the Unites States,” Vaughn said.

Pioneer brand products and their White Wing Flour outliving wars and even the great depression.

C.H. Guenther and Son Inc. says there’s two reasons behind their success.

“The river is really where we started…It was a means of production for us in the beginning and now its home,” Vaughn said. “We still produce products with the same philosophy that he started back in 1851. So you will be able to see Mr. Guenther in your grocery stores today,” Vaughn said.