SAN ANTONIO—A San Antonio mother’s mission to ease her child’s ailments led to a new business.

Mother Culture is a local yogurt brand made with only the purest milk and cultures.

However, coming up this recipe did not come easy for the owner Michelle Allen.

"Seven years ago I ended up with a kiddo that was really ill. She's my Emma. She is ten years old now. So we took quite a journey with her of trying to find health," Allen said.

Emma suffered from 30 different food allergies which caused severe eczema.

"I had to teach myself how to cook because we couldn't eat out at restaurants. She had so many food allergies that I had to make everything from scratch, so I could control those ingredients," Allen said. "This kind of journey lead me to start cooking and making everything from scratch. I started to make foods that were rich naturally in probiotics."

Creating her own drinkable and Greek-style yogurt.

“I really sought out a product that was the purest of the pure," Allen said. "Because that would provide the best chance for my daughter to assimilate those nutrients.”

"I really like it, and it definitely did help,” daughter, Emma Garrido said.

Fast forward to three years later, Allen found herself as a single mom.

Needing to earn a living for her family, so she turned to the fan favorite.

"At that time I had a lot of friends that would consume the foods that I was making. They were buying it from me on a regular basis," Allen said.

Taking a chance, and selling her product at the local farmers market, gave Allen the confidence to take her yogurt to a commercial production.

Mother Culture taking off.

Expanding its line of flavors.

"Yeah I think it's really awesome," Garrido said.

"I think that it's important that we go back to these traditional foods and traditional way of eating for health and wellness,” Allen said.

A message this mom is committed to.

"It's a product unlike any product on the shelf because it is local,” Allen said. "We are committed to purity. We are not going to cut corners.”

You can find Mother Culture yogurt products at the Alamo Heights and Pearl Farmers markets.