You could say chorizo is one of the most popular breakfast foods in San Antonio.

Andy Garcia Foods one company whose product stand out from the rest.

Andy Garcia started his business in 1965 with only a dream and $15.00.

“My Mom and Dad started the business in the garage of their house. This gentleman had a Barbacoa business and was selling it, and he sold it to my dad for $15.00. My dad didn't even have the money to pay the $15 dollars,” Kenny Garcia, President and CEO of Andy Garcia Foods said.

Andy Garcia able to pay back the money for the equipment in the first weekend.

“All of the family was always involved. I used to go with my Dad when I was probably three or four every week to Dallas to get the cow heads. The cow heads we make the Barbacoa,” Garcia said.

The weekend side job, Kenny Garcia, the current president of the company remembers fondly.

“The best memories I have of it was when I was a little boy, for me to remember way back going every week with my Dad. Then there used to be a show called ‘Bat Man’ and every trip he'd stop and let me see the show, stop at a store, and we watch it there and continue on. And so I can remember that very, very clear,” Garcia said.

The same delivery truck still sitting in front of their location today reminding them where they came from.

“Now we go to the back and we see more than one and it's just neat to see where we came from,” Andy Garcia Foods, VP-Marketing, and Sales, Natalie Villagomez said.

In the 80's Garcia Foods branched out to tamales and chorizo.

The breakfast sausage taking off.

“I believe it's the quality in the products and the consistency and the products my Dad takes a lot of pride in doing things perfect,” Garcia said.

Now it's a well-known name in kitchens across the country and into Mexico.

“I'm very proud I can't even believe it when I think about where my Dad started in the garage,” Garcia said.

Andy Garcia is now retired, handing over "cooking duties" to Kenny who says he's sharing the family tradition with his children.

"I didn't realize you know growing up I would see you in the stores and thought it was neat, but not till I started getting older that I realize how special it is. How it's recognized throughout Texas, so I'm very proud of it,” Villagomez said. “It's authentic. It's made with love."