In San Antonio, women make up 25 percent of the homeless population and many of them have basic needs they can't meet on their own.

Kaitlyn Rex, a nail technician and owner of GLAZE Nail Lounge on the North Side is hoping to help.

Throughout the month of July she's offering $10 off of each customer's nail service if they donate a feminine hygiene product.

However, anyone can stop by the nail salon to donate products, even if they're not receiving a service. At the end of the month, Rex will donate them to a local homeless shelter that serves women.

She was inspired to lend a hand when she saw a video created by showing the struggle homeless women face during their monthly cycle.

"Most people don't hesitate to just grab a pack of pads or tampons off the shelf and be on their merry way," Rex said. "These women were like, you have to choose to be clean or choose to eat today."

Laura Calderon with Haven for Hope said the shelter serves about 300 homeless women in San Antonio.

"If they have limited income they're going to put that income more than likely in food or shelter, if they're fortunate enough to have shelter," Calderon said. "So they're going to scrape by when it comes to those other kinds of necessities like the shampoos, the feminine hygiene products."

The average cost for feminine products is about $7 each and experts say the average woman will spend nearly $18,000 on them over their lifetime. Rex hopes that this small act of kindness will make a big difference for women who have so little.

To donate, visit GLAZE Nail Lounge Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM at the Park North Shopping Center at 742 NW Loop 410 suite 113.