It's a phrase that went viral online when a man was questioned about whether the Spurs could make it far in the playoffs. But one San Antonio man says he created the saying that started it all: "Nombre, shut up."

Rocky Hernandez says that he registered the catchy phrase more than 30 years ago. He was surprised when he saw the words recently getting so much attention.

Felipe Aldape became an internet sensation after uttering the words during a live interview with a local TV station. The clip spread like a wildfire online.

But Hernandez claims to own the phrase, though he spells it slightly differently. Hernandez spells his saying, "no ombre, shut up". His version has the letter "o" twice.

"I'll be walking around different places in town and it's, 'Hey, Mr. No ombre, shut up, what's going on? Hey brother, what's going on,'" said Hernandez, who claims that he came up with the phrase in the 1960's while talking to a local radio DJ. "He would say, 'nombre, callate la boca, nombre' shut up in Spanish. And I would say, 'nombre, shut up.'"

Explaining what "no ombre, shut up" means isn't easy.

"It's like 'hey, wow, nombre, shut up, did you do that? Did you really hit the lottery? Oh yea, nombre, shut up man,'" Hernandez explained.

Hernandez sells items with the slogan on them around San Antonio. He says that he's proud to see the words gaining popularity.

And like Aldape, he has a message for those who criticize the Spurs.

"The only thing I got to say is, 'no ombre, shut up.'"