You may have taken the time out this past weekend to drive around town and check out the Christmas lights. One house has gone viral because of its lights. Matt Johnson is the mastermind behind the Star Wars light show on Olive Street.

"I think every time I do a light show, I do want to one up myself, I want to be able to do something new and interesting, and each time I do a new light show, I want to be able to implement some type of new technology," Johnson said

But this house isn't Johnson's. It took some time and a lot of thought to pick the perfect location for the Star Wars image he had in his head. When the Johnson's spotted the home in front of Dignowity park while on a run, it was love at first sight.

"Hundreds of people are coming every night, ongoing from 6-10pm. It's been nice to see how much pleasure it brings to people in the neighborhood as well as the city." Home Owner, David Willett said.

The amount of energy used to produce the show is one of the most asked questions, but the answer may surprise you.

"People are very surprised to see that this isn't a very expensive light show to run, all of the lights are energy efficient LED lights, the power supplies are all low voltage, basically it runs about the same amount of power as if you were to leave a hair dryer on." Matt Johnson

Johnson says he's noticed people are more interested in what the lights do, rather than how many lights are used.

"I have 15,000 lights which is nothing compared to a lot of these huge commercial venues that have millions, but my shows are way more popular. There is a paradigm shift in entertainment and people want more than just static light displays."

The owner of the home says he wants to keep the light show running every day from 6-10 pm until New Years Day. You can catch the show daily at 724 Olive Street, right across Dignowity Park.