A single-mom born and raised on the west side of San Antonio is making progress on a big goal.

Her dream is to be as famous as Holly Holm; the former boxer who beat Ronda Rousey. The boxing mama’s fancy footwork and quick jabs have already upgraded her status to the professional level.

Her nickname is the West Side Wonder. She’s tough, she’s fast and she’s determined to be the best. Nina Gallegos is about to go pro. Her big debut is in a few weeks and her three kids couldn't be more proud. Andrea, Isaiah, and Nina head to the gym with their mom five days a week.

“They’re my inspiration, they’re my empowerment,” Gallegos said.

Santo Randazzo who runs the gym says he’s noticed Nina’s long hours, thousands of pushups and millions of punches on the bag.

“This girl gives it her all every single time,” Randazzo said. “Every minute of every day she can, against all odds. So God Bless her.”

The journey to the professional level of boxing has not been easy. Nina is a single mom holding down a full-time job. She’s had ups and downs the past few weeks like having her car stolen.

Despite all the distractions, Gallegos says she won’t let anything hold her back from making it to the top.

“My church [is] where I go to ignite my fire,” said Gallegos. “Secondly my children of course and third, adversity itself needs to be fought. I’m here to let people know I’m going through a very tough time in life right now and it’s all about fighting.”

At the professional level, Gallegos can now be paid to compete.

The pro debut is Saturday, January 20 at 7 pm. Contact the Randazzo Brothers Boxing Gym on Nacogdoches St. for ticket information.