It's a story that hit a nerve with many of you.

This week we told you about a military family left without air conditioning for a week.

Since our story aired Monday, KENS 5 has been contacted by six different area air conditioning companies who want to help the Long family for free.

We even heard from an official with the U.S. Army who wanted to help.

Juliet Long said she wasn't looking for a handout and has been overwhelmed by the support.

The mom of three, whose husband is currently deployed, paid Green Earth Home Comfort to replace the family's air conditioning system.

Long said days went by and all that was left was a mess and no working air conditioning.

Since our story aired, KENS 5 was able to get a response from the owner of Green Earth.

He blames the delays on faulty parts and replacements not being immediately available.

A representative with Green Earth, who wants her name protected, told KENS 5 the company did its best to fix the problem and was at the Long's Martindale home daily trying to fix the problems.

"We appreciate KENS 5 letting us know that the system is not functioning properly at this point, from what we understand and we have reached out to Mrs. Long to honor our agreement with her to fix the equipment and make sure it's working," the representative said.

The representative insisted Green Earth is 100-percent committed to making this right.

At this point, the Long's tell KENS 5 they're not interested in having any of Green Earth's employees at their home.