The destruction left behind by five tornadoes in February was overwhelming for San Antonio.

In just minutes, multiple tornadoes, including an EF-1 tornado with 100 mph winds, ripped through the San Antonio area the night of February 20th.

Five months later, we wanted to check in on one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods: The 400 block of Linda Drive.

Forty-three homes were damaged on Linda Drive alone off McCullough near Oblate on the north side.

"Then the next morning when we got up, it was war torn," Francine Reynaga, who lives on Linda Drive said.

"That's when I saw my decapitated Christmas tree and I screamed. We had a crash in the bedroom window. It was a tree branch, a really big, thick tree branch that came through the window." Reynaga said.

Taking a drive down the 400 block of Linda Drive today, you'll see some homes have new roofs, other homes await relief with a blue tarp hugging what's left of the ceiling.

Other residents are just moving back in, with big storage cubes living in the front yard.

"It's emotional. You can't help but get emotional when you talk about that," Reynaga said, who delivered breakfast tacos to neighbors the morning after the tornado.

"It was a trauma. It was very traumatic for everybody in our neighborhood." Reynaga said.

Reynaga is thankful the damage to her home wasn't as severe as her neighbors.

Many are still living in a hotel, apartment or rental home as contractors work to finish repairs.

"We just got our roof done. We had an arborist come out. We're gonna get three new, big, lovely trees," Reynaga said.

In the middle of Linda Drive lays an empty foundation. One home, and only one, was so badly damaged, the only thing left is a memory.

"But you know what, nobody died," Reynaga said. "That was the really amazing part of all of it. Nobody died. So, we're ok. We're ok."