In an effort to clean up some of the trashiest areas in Bexar County, Senator Jose Menendez wants Governor Abbott to pass a bill that would require mandatory trash pick-up in unattended allies and byways.

He’s teaming up with Commissioner Tommy Calvert and Representative Barbra Gervin-Hawkins. The effort would give the Bexar County Commissioners Court the authority to establish a regular solid waste service by contracting a private company specifically to clean-up neighborhoods like The Glen.

“The tenants that come in, when they move out they just leave their trash behind and don't take responsibility,” resident Andrew Powell said.

The law would also go after absentee landlords, requiring them to register their properties with the county and to make sure they include private trash pick-up in their lease agreements.

Costs are to be determined, but Menendez said those who refuse to pay would be fined by the County Commissioners Court.