Trick-or-treaters will be hitting the streets tonight, and if you're still thinking about a last-minute, do-it-yourself costume, you're in luck. Eyewitness News reporter Jeremy Baker found some DIY ideas.

KENS5 salesperson Cameron Kietzman suggested, "A nerd. Put on some glasses. Put some tape in the middle. Put on a Hawaiian shirt and some pens in your pocket and you are good to go!"

Salesperson Mike Valdelamar told us, "Some of my old soccer stuff and put that on or even football stuff just improvise anything sports."

That's a good idea! So I found a pair of sweats, a t-shirt, a stick since I didn't have a bat, and I borrowed some lipstick to use as eye strips, and I was ready to play ball!

KENS5 salesperson Meagan Fox went the cheap and easy route. She said, "I am wearing my faux fur pink hat of happiness. "It was a really last minute Halloween outfit and I got it from the gas station down the street."

Great Day SA helped me out with a headband for a halo with some Christmas garland and a pair of wings to turn me into an instant angel.

Another idea with a little more work, grab a box, paint it, cut out some holes for your arms and your head, add a cup, a coaster, and a lampshade, and you are now a nightstand.

One idea just needs a couple of rolls of toilet paper and some tape, and you'll be turned into a mummy.

For more ideas check out these websites...Good Housekeeping has plenty of costume possibilities, like a hot air balloon boy, a nerd, and "Its raining men." Buzzfeed features a little one in a Hulkamania outfit and a kid covered in nametags as an identity thief. Mashable shows you how to taste the rainbow and how to be an old-school I-Pod.

f you're really running short on time you can't go wrong as a ghost with a simple sheet and holes cut out for eyes.

So go scare up some fun and have a Happy Halloween.