Three police officers from Laredo are recovering in San Antonio after a shootout that left a murder suspect dead on Friday.

Police tape wrapped around blocks surrounding a Laredo convenience store where the shootout took place. The suspect, 55-year-old Antonio Geraldo Rodriguez, was wanted for the fatal shooting of his girlfriend Reyna Gonzalez Zamora that same day.

When police caught up with Rodriguez, he began shooting at them. They returned fire and he was later pronounced dead at a Laredo hospital. Three officers were severely wounded and a fourth suffered minor injuries.

"We are prepared to face those threats as police officers," Laredo Police Department Chief Claudio Trevino said. "Laredo Police Department, every day we face those potential threats."

Trevino came to San Antonio on Saturday to visit the officers. Among them were 33-year-old Agapito Perez, who suffered a gunshot to the face and was airlifted to University Hospital where he underwent surgery, 50-year-old department Lveteran Arturo Vela, who also had surgery for a gunshot to the leg, and 49-year-old Mario Casares, who was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center for a gunshot wound to the torso.

The fourth officer, Roberto Cortinas, was treated and released in Laredo.

"Our officers deserve all the support, and the families deserve all the support from the department," Chief Trevino said. "I felt it was necessary to be here with them."

Trevino says that the two officers who had surgery are in stable condition.

Rodriguez was no stranger to the law. Chief Trevino said that the suspect had previously been convicted of murder in Huntsville about 10 years ago.