The city presented new ideas to restore and liven up some empty spaces inside La Villita's Maverick Plaza.

Item number 21 in Thursday's city council meeting hopes to bring more awareness to the culture and food of San Antonio.

"This is not just another project, this project is real significant in terms of our art, our culture, and our heritage." District 1 councilman, Roberto Trevino said.

The historic La Villita is home to number of businesses welcoming locals and tourists, but empty spaces have left the Maverick Plaza un-inviting. The city partnered up with three local chefs to revitalize and revamp the open spaces.

"The opportunity for La Villita has surfaced and I've always thought what a wonderful place for a restaurant. As the village of San Antonio it should be something powerful to draw people from all over the city, the state, and even the country, to the village of San Antonio." La Gloria, Chef Johnny Hernandez said.

From the department of tourism and culinary arts at St. Phillips College, to the San Antonio Conservation Society, supporters all say yes and so did the city in a unanimous vote.

"Thank you for the good work of my colleagues, my staff, the culinary professionals for making this happen, I look forward to some great meals over at La Villita." Mayor, Ron Nirenberg said.

The budget for the three restaurants scheduled to open in 2021, is 7.6 million dollars.

The city will also complete approximately $4.4 million in public improvements to Maverick Park.