Spring Branch — Jousting, fortune telling and alchemy were all taking place on the Smithson Valley Middle School campus recently.

Students organized and put on a Medieval Renaissance Fair at the school.

The entire SVMS student body visited the Renaissance Fair during their elective period.

After a lesson on the Renaissance era, students did their best to recreate the real thing.

The Renaissance Fair came complete with a fortuneteller who spoke in Shakespearian language, jousting with “horses” on wheels that rolled on a track complete with pool-noodle lances, an archery booth, a Candy Shoppe, an apothecary and a pet booth.

Emma Siebold, who was a photographer at the event, said she loved the lesson on the era and the Renaissance Fair.

“I really liked the clothes of the era that we got to wear that day,” Siebold said. “It made me feel like I was really a part of the Renaissance.”

Fellow photographer Leylaneah Correa said she couldn’t imagine a world without automobiles.

“I found it so strange that most of the people had to walk everywhere,” Correa said. “It’s hard to imagine they didn’t have cars.”

Brooke Webster, a fortuneteller at the Fair, said it was fascinating to compare the Renaissance era to the world we live in today.

“It was very interesting to me to see not only what was so different about the Renaissance era compared to today, but also the things that are similar,” said Webster. “I think there are many things in today’s society you can trace back to ideas formed during the Renaissance.”