SAN ANTONIO - It was “Rocking Reptile Day” at the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center on Saturday.

Most of the kids who came to learn and play were eager to have hands-on experiences with snakes and amphibians, but there were exhibits and activities of all sorts for every age group.

The wetland area on San Antonio’s south side is internationally known as a habitat for all kinds of migratory birds, but it is a family destination with a lot more to offer than just winged things.

“Amphibians are a really important part of the habitat at Mitchell Lake,” Presenter Niki Lake said. “We're a wetland, and they are an indicator species so if there's something going wrong with the air or water, amphibians like frogs are one of the first species to show that.”

The nature center is located just south of Loop 410 at 10750 Pleasanton Road.

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