A Kickstarter campaign has been created to fund the rainbow “Pride” crosswalks at the intersection of North Main Avenue and East Evergreen.

The idea came up earlier this year after Houston became the first city to have rainbow crosswalks. Supporters of the rainbow crosswalk said it will “promote a message of inclusion and tolerance”.

Back in July, community groups used chalk to recreate the rainbow crosswalk to draw attention to their goals of making it permanent.

A city council committee approved the installation of the crosswalks on August 2.

District one City Councilman Roberto Trevino said the measure will act as a pilot program before the city council will approve a permanent installation.

Councilman Trevino told KENS 5 the total cost for the rainbow crosswalks will be $41,000, which was less than the original budget estimate.

The city approved the total cost to be split between the city and the community. The LGBTQ community is seeking $20,000 in a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the sidewalks. The community will also be responsible for another $10,000 in upfront costs and ongoing maintenance. The money must be raised by December 31.