For the first time since 13 La Vernia ISD students were arrested on sex assault allegations, KENS 5 is getting an inside perspective from former employees at the school district.

KENS 5 obtained every resignation letter filed in the district since 2012.

La Vernia ISD charged KENS 5 almost $300 in exchange for more than 300 documents.

We found many of those leaving the district left on good terms, but there are some who did not.

In 2017, 28 people have resigned or retired, which is down from 37 who left in 2016.

Former boys athletic director Brandon Layne left in 2016.

Layne said in his resignation letter, "This past year has been awesome to see the culture of an entire athletic program and community shift in a positive manner.

Layne is named in a federal civil suit filed by the parents of an alleged rape victim.

The suit claims hazing rituals and bullying have been a part of the La Vernia football culture for at least the past decade and that coaches sanctioned these rituals and turned a blind eye toward the abuse.

No employees have been arrested in relation to the allegations at this time.

However, in 2016 a letter sent by the superintendent to the Texas Education Agency said the district was notified by

the FBI that teacher Ted De Aubrey was being arrested in relation to child pornography charges.

De Aubrey resigned in January of 2016, and was arrested months later.

Others have left in recent years citing a poor work environment.

In 2013, a former teacher wrote, "I began to feel very professionally vulnerable, as I realized that my supervisor was, in my opinion based on my observations, more interested in keeping things quiet and peaceful, than doing what was professionally responsible and ethical."

The teacher added, "Psychological working conditions are very poor."

It's been more than three months since leaders at La Vernia ISD announced they were launching an internal investigation to determine what role, if any, district employees played in the series of alleged sexual assaults on students.

A district representative told KENS 5 students and staff have been interviewed but no findings have been released.

The Texas Rangers criminal investigation also remains an open case.

La Vernia ISD Superintendent Dr. Jose Moreno sent the following statement.

"The investigation led by the Texas Rangers as well as the one led by the school district continue. No reports have been issued yet. As is common with any school system, a certain percentage of the employee work force retires or resigns at the end of a school year. La Vernia ISD experienced the same. People choose to leave for a variety of reasons, mostly personal like new jobs, moving, or retirement."