The Alamo City can find plenty to celebrate on June 29 just with it being the day Kawhi Leonard was born, thus making it possible for him to be a San Antonio Spur.

But it would appear that we may find a bit more to pay homage to one of the last days of June for—Leonard has a birthday twin in none other than sideline sports reporter and legendary Pop interviewer, Craig Sager.

The realization came after Craig Sager II posted a photo of Leonard and his dad on Twitter today with the caption, “Happy Birthday to these two.”

Leonard, born in Los Angeles, Calif. in 1991 turned 26 today. Sager would have been 66. Sadly, Sager passed away last December following multiple battles with leukemia.

And while Kawhi is one of the best players on the court, Sager proved to be an icon on the sidelines, winning the hearts of Spurs fans worldwide with his entertaining interviews with Coach Pop.

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Any Spurs fan knows Pop isn’t always exactly ‘pumped’ to give an interview. But when it came to Sager, there was a special bond, even while he was razzing him about his suits.

In fact, Pop flew to his memorial service before a game and later gifted the tie he wore, likely as a tribute to the colorful suits Sager was known for, to his son.

So while we continue to mull over whether or not Kawhi could get buckets on Kawhi (brain still hurts, TBH), we can at least wish him and his ‘twin’ a happy birthday.