SAN ANTONIO -- An accused murderer stands trial in the killing and dismemberment of his girlfriend’s ex.

Michael Scott Quinn appeared before a jury for the second day on Wednesday.

Just feet away, prosecutors unwrapped a tree-trimmer and table saw that he reportedly used to dismember his victim.

Quinn and his girlfriend at the time, Connie Yanez, are accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, Albert Guerra, at his home in 2013.

According to police, Quinn bludgeoned him with a hammer, then tried to chop up his body. When that failed, they say he tried to burn it instead.

Investigators described the scene to jurors in grim detail.

“A blue tarp with the victim laying in top of it in two pieces, well actually three pieces,” said SAPD homicide detective Tim Angel. “His legs were cut off.”

That testimony was followed by a video interview in which Quinn tells police he killed Guerra for punching Yanez in the face. Yanez is also charged with murder and arson in that incident, although in his confession, Quinn insisted she didn’t take part and was “in fear the whole time.”

Quinn’s trial resumes Thursday, while Yanez is expected to appear in court Dec. 7.