Parents at James Masters Elementary are outraged after learning the school didn’t have soap in some of its restrooms for several days.

Steve Linscomb, Judson Independent School District’s public information officer said it’s a result of an oversight of their head custodian. He said the district was not informed about the situation until Monday, April 17.

KENS 5 received an email from parents that were concerned for their child’s health after learning about the issue.

When the district was notified they said they put hand sanitizers next to empty and near-empty dispensers.

Several parents offered to supply soap from their homes but were denied because the district needs to make sure that no chemical of any other item is put into the soap.

Linscomb said the school put in an order for more soap immediately and that appropriate action was being taken with the head custodian.

Parents said when they initially expressed their concerns to the principal, he continued to "brush it off".

Linscomb said the school has 20 dispensers two in each restroom. He said only five were empty.