A ninth grade boy was arrested Monday morning at Johnson High School for making a "terroristic threat", the school principal said.

A letter sent by Principal Mehlbrech to students and parents Monday stated that the student made the threat on Snap Chat.

He was arrested at the North East ISD school when he arrived Monday morning.

Mehlbrech said police didn't find any weapons on the student and that "at no time was any student in danger,"

Read his full statement below.

Dear Jaguars,

First thing this morning, I received notification of a Snap-Chat post of a possible threat to students at CTJ. Upon receiving this message, we immediately initiated our safety protocol ensuring our students were safe and secure. Administration and NEPD worked closely together in securing the parameter and identifying the student who sent the threat on Snap-Chat. Upon arriving to school this morning, the student that sent the threat was immediately apprehended and taken into custody. Nothing was found on the student and at no time was any student in danger. Because we take every threat seriously, we are currently following District guidelines on dealing with student threats.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at jmehlb@neisd.net or 210-356-0405.


John Mehlbrech