Just in time for Halloween, Google Maps has released their list of the "31 Most Haunted Places in America."

Among the 31 chilling spots is the Alamo, where many ghostly encounters have been reported. Most of the haunts appear to be connected to the 1836 battle, where hundreds were killed.

Other famous sites include Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California, and Salem, Massachusetts, home of the legendary Salem Witch Trials.

Another surprising entry on the list -- The White House. Numerous stories of Lincoln's Ghost walking the halls of the presidential residence since his death in 1865 lead to its inclusion on the list.

Most of the list features spooky cemeteries from across the country, such as the Old Western Burial Ground in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Christ Church Cemetery in Saint Simons Island, Georgia.

So where should people look for the ghosts at the Alamo? Start with the basement.