As more vegetarian options have popped up around the Alamo City, Digital Journalist Nia Wesley has launched a mission to find the tastiest of them all in her 'Viva Veggies' series.

Check out this interactive map of eateries around San Antonio that are either completely vegan, vegetarian; or they have vegetarian options on their menu. Click on a 'green v' for more information.

Viva Veggies

Episode 5 of Viva Veggies take it all the way to Universal City to try the vegan wings at Wingit!

Episode 4 of 'Viva Veggies' goes in the kitchen at SeƱor Veggie where the chef is sticking to San Antonio's Tex-Mex roots while staying 100 percent vegan.

Episode 3 of 'Viva Veggies' is all about vegan pizza! This episode showcases Mellow Mushroom's vegan week options!

Episode 2 of 'Viva Veggies' features Viva Vegeria, a Tex-Mex spot that's 100 percent vegan and gluten-free!

Episode 1 of 'Viva Veggies' features Bok Choy, a plant-based Asian cuisine restaurant.