SAN ANTONIO - It was standing room only at a District 10 meeting Monday night. It’s a part of San Antonio where residents typically engage in civic issues, and that was the case Monday as the city begins a new chapter with new leadership.

The meeting was put on by the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance, which represents more than 80 neighborhood associations.

It was the last meeting for San Antonio Councilman Mike Gallagher as he hands over the reigns to Clayton Perry.

By Monday, most people at the meeting were familiar with Perry, but their concerns for the future of their neighborhoods remained unchanged.

“Crime, crime and crime,” said resident Bud Little of his concerns.

“For me, it’s traffic,” said Colletta Galloway.

While traffic is a headache for many, crime seems to be one of the biggest concerns.

"They're concerned about their well-being, whether they can walk out of their house and go to the grocery store or climb in their car without being accosted. They just want to be secure,” said Little.

Because of those concerns, Perry said he campaigned heavily on fighting crime.

“It’s mostly property crimes [in District 10]. We have mail theft and property crime. I just heard a story the other day that someone came out of their house in the morning and all four wheels were off their vehicle,” said Perry.

Perry said the city needs to fill San Antonio Police Department job vacancies and maybe offer incentives for retiring officers to stay on the force a little longer until the department is adequately staffed again.

"We have to get our police numbers back up. Right now, there’s different numbers [out there], between 140 to 220, and I think it’s closer to 220, police officers short in the city. I’m very interested in doing what we can do to get those numbers back up,” said Perry.

Perry said other issues he wants to tackle immediately include infrastructure to fix old roads and sidewalks. He also wants to help homeowners get some property tax relief.