SAN ANTONIO – iFLY, a local indoor skydiving operator, celebrated its All Abilities Night April 28 at its San Antonio tunnel by partnering with Kinetic Kids.

According to information from the vertical wind tunnel recreation center, more than 70 differently-abled participants and their families took flight at the tunnel’s “All Abilities Night.”

The event aimed to encourage all individuals, despite physical and mental barriers, to push past limitations and take flight.

“I won’t ever forget this. This was really fun,” said participant Seth Bosquez. “It was really nice to see people like me and people with worse disabilities than me actually get out there and do something like this.”

iFLY All Abilities is an indoor skydiving program aimed at providing an encouraging experience to those with varying physical and mental abilities, in an inclusive environment with flyers of all ages, skills, and abilities. In honor of All Abilities April, iFLY hosted events like the one in San Antonio nationwide, partnering with local adaptive, inclusion and special needs organizations, and will offer discounted rates for event participants.

“All Abilities April is aimed to inspire participants to dream bigger and to challenge themselves,” said Matt Ryan, iFLY President and COO. “As part of this program, participants are able to push their limits and break barriers in ways they didn’t know were possible. We’re proud to empower differently-abled people and deliver the dream of flight to someone who might think it’s impossible.”

iFLY has flown more than eight million people in a dozen countries and at sea since launching the modern vertical wind tunnel industry in 1998.