SAN ANTONIO - It's been two months since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and devastated Houston. The San Antonio River Authority is now analyzing the storm and using engineering models to find out what would have happened if it hit here in San Antonio.

"The study showed that Highway 281 was inundated for 12 days. It was impassible," Stephen Graham with San Antonio River Authority said.

Graham helped in conducting a study that placed the storm over Olmos Creek near the Olmos Dam.

The models illustrated what rainfall would look like over a five day period.

With 51 inches of maximum rainfall, four feet of water would tower over the Olmos Dam, leading to severe flooding in downtown.

The flooding, Graham said, would be very different than what Houston experienced.

"The water would not linger like it did in Harris County for 4-5 days," he said. "Here, the impact would be dramatic, but it would be high and quick."

Graham said people would not be trapped in their homes for several days, like they were in Houston, because
San Antonio has more than 1,700 ft. of relief. That means experts at SARA said the water would come and go in most areas.