Approximately 450 Texans are out of a job this week and they claim they're owed $1.3 million in wages. They work for Saldivar Coastal Companies as personal caretakers for the elderly and disabled.

Nicole Luna has been taking care of Beverly Grady almost every day for three months.

"She helps me with cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping," Grady said.

But as of Wednesday, Luna hasn't been paid for the last month she's worked. She's owed almost $1500.

Luna stopped going to work last week, but she says she feels guilty about that decision. Yesterday Grady called to let her know she'd fallen and hurt herself.

"She called me and when she called me through messenger I saw her picture and she was all black and blue in the face so that made me feel bad because she really needs someone 24/7 with her," Luna said.

Saldivar Coastal Services says the mix-up is with Superior Health Plan. They're a managed healthcare company that works with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

"We went ahead and terminated the contract with Superior because of lack of payment, but the only people that are affected currently are the ones who did services for this pay period with Superior," Basil Casteleyn, COO of Saldivar said.

Superior Health Plan confirmed that Saldivar did terminate their contract. Saldivar's COO said his company is now half the size it once was.

In the meantime, he said Saldivar's clients who are covered by Superior can either switch their managed health care company or go to one of Saldivar's competitors, but that's little consolation for Luna and Grady.

"I'm worried because I'm not working, it's putting a lot to this now I haven't gotten paid for a month. What am I going to do?" Luna said.

Saldivar said they're working to resolve the issue.

Superior Health said they're cooperating with the Health and Human Services commission investigating the matter.