There are almost 400 children in Bexar County who are waiting to be adopted.

On Friday, the Department of Family Protective Services brought together faith leaders from around the area to help spread the word about these kids. They hope that these faith leaders can bring this information back to their communities and congregations and encourage others to help these children in any way they can.

Alma Johnson adopted three biological sisters three years ago.

She's a single mom and has two adult kids of her own, but she said her decision to adopt the three sisters is one she'll never regret.

"You really have to adjust your schedule, you have to have a good support system that means everything. If you don't have that, it's really hard," she said.

Johnson came out to Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Friday evening to share her story and encourage the faith leaders in attendance to tell their communities about the hundreds of kids in the area who also need a home.

"If I'm single and I can take in three kids, a lot of people can do it, you have to make a choice," she said.

Organizers of the event said they also want to emphasize to the faith leaders that children of color in the system are a group that they're particularly concerned about.

"African American children and Hispanic children wait in foster care longer, they have fewer resources while they're in foster care and they age out and have poorer outcomes than their Caucasian counterparts," said Hope Shelton, the faith-based specialist for South Texas.