SAN ANTONIO -- After a week of mourning, thousands celebrated the life of San Antonio police Detective Benjamin Marconi at his funeral.

However, even though that ended Monday afternoon, hundreds still gathered in the evening to march in his name.

It was the second time in less than a week that such a march was organized in front of the Alamo. No words necessary along the one-mile route to SAPD headquarters, just silence.

"We've heard the statement a picture is worth a thousand words. We feel we can say more with silence," said Guy Douglas who helped organize the march.

No words were needed for onlookers to realize the march was also about showing support for everyone who wears blue.

"These men and women put their lives on the line for us every day, they don’t think twice about it, they’re always second guessed and underappreciated,” Rudy Gomez said.

It's a mentality William Smith does not want his kids to adopt, which is why he brought his three little ones along.

“I want to show my kids that the police are there to help them and they’re not be feared," Smith said.

During a time when it appears police have a target on their back, it’s events like this that mean the world to those that wear the badge, like Deputy Chief Anthony.

"It's very touching because a lot of times you come to work and the job, to be honest with you, feel thankless,” said Trevino. “Then when you see events like this that are supporting the San Antonio Police Department, supporting law enforcement, it really does show you there are people in the masses supporting the San Antonio Police Department.”