Kids are heading back to school in Bexar County! How much are you shelling out for school supplies?

At Northside Independent School District, school officials try to keep lists between $50 and $60.

Every school is allowed to come up with its own list of required supplies.

"Principals send that list to every grade level team, teams are allowed to amend that list however one of the stipulations is that if they want to add something to the list they have to take something off the list of equal value," Barry Perez, a spokesperson for Northside ISD said.

Harlandale ISD doesn't have a set price range they try to maintain, but they keep the list the same for all schools across the district depending on grade level.

"We actually take last year's supply list, send it to our campuses and then we ask our principals to meet with each grade level and look and review the supply list and identify what is most essential for each grade level," Samantha Gallegos, assistant superintendent at Harlandale ISD said.

School officials reminded parents that they can save money by reusing school supplies from previous years and by shopping for the best deals.

Most importantly, they want parents to know is that no matter what, the kid's education is their top priority.

"No child should ever be penalized if they don't have one of the items on the list. The schools will work with the children, they will work with the families and that's not the intention of the school supply lists," Perez said.