Battles between property owners and homeowners associations are fairly common, but what one woman is fighting to keep only comes around two months out of the year.

At the Park At Two Creeks they have a homeowners association that says each yard has to be well manicured with no weeds and grass cut below six inches. But one property is causing a bit of a disturbance.

"We are passionate about our bluebonnets," said Dee Ann Havely, who has lived in the subdivision for 5.5 years, when her bluebonnet bonanza began. "I planted the first ones. They were just small plants five years ago."

But now there are hundreds of them covering much of her front yard.

"I've had people stop when I am out in my yard working and say, 'Those are beautiful flowers. We just love them,'" Havely recalled.

"I don't see any harm at all in the wildflowers, and most people here in our 70-home neighborhood don't see any harm in it either," Park At Two Creeks resident Linda Thoms said.

But the subdivision's HOA does see the harm, and sent letters telling her to mow them down.

And just so you know, contrary to common belief, it is not illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas.

"I understand what they are saying, right. I'm just saying there are exceptions," Havely countered.

Spectrum Association Management, who oversees the HOA, provided a statement saying:

"As an Association Management company, our job is to make living in an HOA community a pleasant experience for homeowners. All owners living in a community have agreed to abide by the same rules as outlined in the deed restrictions. Part of our responsibility is to enforce the deed restrictions of the community, in accordance with the documents, and under the direction of the board of directors. The Park at Two Creeks Homeowners Association hired spectrum to carry out these inspections on their behalf. We have carried out their directive accordingly."

But Havely sees this one particular rule differently. She said,

"I think common sense tells you: Sometimes rules are meant to be broken," she said. "And I think these flowers should stay."